Qigong Classes Devon

I am looking forward to starting classes soon. Qigong Classes Devon will begin in December – if you are interested please email me.

Calm the movement of the mind with mindful movement of the body.

These classes feature Qigong, breath work & meditation. Suitable for all. Qigong can help calm an agitated mind, release tension, steady the nerves, clear energy blocks and make you healthy. The class is relaxed and fun but serious about helping you nurture a Qigong and meditation practice and develop peace of mind.

With times as they are, classes are constantly changing and under review so please bear with me as I try and find the best formula to suit the majority. This is likely to be a mix of live and online classes.

I am confident you will love Qigong, it has changed my life for the better. Come and try a class for free.

Devon Class Schedule

Friday 09:30-10:45 – Qigong
(Online with Zoom)

Further classes to be announced soon.

Please contact me to book:-
07789 766826

Qigong Classes North Devon

Ollie’s classes offer a good balance of physical activity, meditative movement and deep relaxation. The sessions have a relaxed pace and everything is very gentle, yet still effective. The classes are small and friendly and not at all competitive. You work at your own level and pace within the classes and do as much or as little as suits you. Ollie is patient and his instructions are clear and easy to follow. Over time, the movements have helped to improve my posture and flexibility. Since lockdown, I had to put my physio treatment on hold, but his Zoom classes have kept my shoulder and neck troubles at bay. I particularly enjoy the more technical movements and am half way through the Dragon and Tiger course. “

Catherine Clark

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