Dragon & Tiger Qigong in Devon

The beautiful fluid movements of Dragon and Tiger Qigong are a superb healing system. With the use of deep relaxation and powerful circulation of blood and chi many of the physical  aches and pains in the body can be alleviated. More importantly it has a strong affect on the nerves and is superb for relieving the systemic stress which is the foundation for so many of the problems which come with a modern lifestyle. Find out more about Dragon Tiger Qigong on the EnergyArts website.

I trained in Dragon & Tiger Qigong last year over the course of a 3 weekend series with Paul Cavel. I followed this up in January this year with a 3 week intensive teacher training course with Craig Barnes. Paul and Craig are senior EnergyArts instructors and have been authorised by Master Bruce Frantzis to run instructor training and certify Dragon and Tiger Instructors.

I am now certified to teach Level One Dragon & Tiger Qigong which is very exciting and have started with two classes on Zoom. 

Please email me if you would be interested in learning this beautiful Qigong set.

“I really enjoy Ollies light hearted and easeful approach. I’ve been to a few Qi Gong classes with other teachers but am hooked with Ollies style of teaching! For me, the classes are a perfect balance of technique and flow. I’ve recently started learning Dragon and Tiger practice with Ollie and really appreciate the mix of expertise, thoroughness, intuition and fluidity in his teaching. Ollie has a way of breaking down the practice so it is easy to remember and embody. In just six out of the ten weeks we are practicing what initially appeared quite complex, Ollie somehow manages to make this feel effortless! “
Kathryn Davies

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