Is it what it seems
What’s this life
That we all lead
Finding a path
Our way in the world
All on a journey
So personal and important
What’s the point
Where does it all lead
Searching for happiness
What do we need
Scourging the planet
For personal gain
Running on auto pilot
Are we all insane
A break for the earth
Is this what we need
A chance to pause
And plant a new seed
Where will this lead us
What will evolve
Out of this crisis
What will it solve
I hope we will see
A deeper understanding
Of the planet as a whole
I hope it will lead us
To create a common goal
To care for our impermanent home
To realise we are never alone
I hope we think deeper
Less is much more
I hope we can find courage
To nurture this place
And maybe, just maybe
Save the human race